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Agility Robotics (booth # 1508)

Summary of Innovation

Digit is a bipedal robot that can go where people go, and work in human environments. Built on decades of research into the physics of legged locomotion, Digit is able to walk over varied terrain and operate in human environments, such as stairs, hallways, doorways, and around other people. Because humans have built our infrastructure around our form factor, the roughly humanoid shape of Digit enables robot perception and manipulation in spaces previously accessible only by humans. Digit's early abilities include "porter" applications, carrying packages from one place to another, and "scout" applications, providing real-time data and mapping from onboard sensors, including camera and LIDAR. Applications for these abilities include last-50-feet doorstep package delivery from autonomous vehicles, or as a driver-assist; or in-warehouse logistics; real-time continuous inspection of outdoor or indoor installations; and an increasing array of jobs, as software and connectivity improve over time on this capable base hardware.

Innovation Statement

Digit is the first commercially available human-scale legged robot; Digit can navigate stairs, curbs, clutter, and other environments that are easily navigable by a human. By allowing robots to go where people go, automation can be brought to human spaces, enabling robots to do jobs people don't want to.


Digit can be a "porter," carrying objects from one place to another, or a "scout," gathering real-time information over most human-navigable terrain.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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