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Twin Oaks WMS Software

Twin Oaks Technology (booth # 7291)

Summary of Innovation

Twin Oaks WMS is an automated solution for the warehouse and provides functions that include waving orders, picking, packing, shipping, inventory control, dock control, and quality control. The system is capable of integrating with any ERP or back-office system with real-time data communication. Additionally, the system integrates with advanced picking hardware such as glasses, wearable terminals, robots, and warehouse control systems such as PLCs, conveyors, diverters, in-line dimensioners, and scales to provide sophisticated package routing and automation. The Twin Oaks WMS integrates with all major shipping carriers for fast, efficient shipping.

Innovation Statement

Twin Oaks WMS provides a complete automated solution for the warehouse. Improving efficiency and throughput through integration with most warehouse picking, packing and shipping equipment.


Twin Oaks WMS is suitable for multi-SKU, heterogeneous goods picking with any size warehouse. The system can be adapted and used in a multitude of environments such as 3PL, home goods, clothing, manufacturing, automobile, etc.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best IT Innovation

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