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Integration with Amazon Alexa

Twin Oaks Technology (booth # 7291)

Summary of Innovation

Twin Oaks WMS integrates with Amazon Alexa providing instant access to critical data for your Management Staff. Questions such as: How many lines have we picked today? How many orders have we shipped today? What is the status of an order? All can be quickly answered without having to spend valuable time logging into a computer and running a report.

Innovation Statement

This integration provides your staff with quick, hands-free access to the critical information they need, and helps ensure smooth operation of your facility.


Twin Oaks WMS is suitable for multi-SKU, heterogeneous goods picking with any size warehouse. The system can be adapted and used in a multitude of environments such as 3PL, home goods, clothing, manufacturing, automobile, etc.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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