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Fetch Robotics Integration with Group/Rush Picking

Twin Oaks Technology (booth # 7291)

Summary of Innovation

Twin Oaks WMS Group and Rush picking methods integrate with Fetch’s Autonomous Mobile Robots eliminating the need to take a zone picker out of zone for rush and group picks, thereby reducing pickers travel time and increasing productivity. This allows warehouse associates to focus on higher value tasks. This can be especially helpful during peak seasons to meet the challenge of limited available man power.

Innovation Statement

Using technological advancements such as Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robots provides the ability to reduce costs and improve throughput, efficiency, and productivity, while working alongside people.


Twin Oaks WMS is suitable for multi-SKU, heterogeneous goods picking with any size warehouse. The system can be adapted and used in a multitude of environments such as 3PL, home goods, clothing, manufacturing, automobile, etc.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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