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MHS Helix

Material Handling Systems Inc. (MHS) (booth # 7646)

Summary of Innovation

With several W_S acronyms saturating the market, MHS took a different approach to developing MHS Helix – a warehouse software solution customizable to match unique operational requirements through a variety of modules to manage equipment, inventory and order fulfillment processes.

For operations under pressure to meet fast service level commitments, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, maintain high speed and accommodate last-minute orders is critical to success. Labor trends continue to push for greater automation, which means operations are challenged to extract this level of flexibility and agility from complex systems with a variety of automated equipment and next-generation technology.

MHS Helix accomplishes this with a fresh approach to warehouse software. Rather than an off-the-shelf offering that requires buying unnecessary functionality or risking an insufficient solution, MHS takes a different path, design a solution around the unique, complex DNA of each operation. A modular approach results in a robust warehouse software solution that offers a broad range of functionalities – traditionally sequestered in disparate WMS, WCS and WES platforms – all under one roof, avoiding cumbersome integration and complex webs of separate software systems.

Innovation Statement

Today’s warehouses are constantly pushed to function ever faster, but by playing host to a variety of new technologies and processes, they’re also becoming more complex. Relying on disparate, off-the-shelf WMS, WCS and other software systems to manage equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment processes does not offer the unified control and agility necessary for today’s quick-turn fulfillment and parcel distribution environments.

MHS Helix solves the aforementioned challenges with a broad range of equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment functionality in single warehouse software solution. Rather than going through a complex series of electronic ‘handshakes’ between disparate systems to get automation, inventory and service requirements on the same page to execute tasks, MHS Helix consolidates functionality in a single system, capable of offering the agility modern distribution centers need.


For operations feeling the pressure to handle large inventories and growing order volumes at great speed means that a warehouse software solution that unifies equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment can enable the agility they need to succeed in today’s e-commerce-driven economy.

Posted Date 12/20/19
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