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Paltrax Online Customer Portal

48forty Solutions, LLC

Summary of Innovation

Inconsistencies in pallet counts as well as order and billing inaccuracies are common customer pain points in the recycled pallet industry. Because 48forty manages all the steps in the supply chain, we have been able to mitigate some of those pain points for our customers. We have invested in technologies like e-signature and our industry-leading customer portal, PalTrax. PalTrax tracks and captures every customer transaction including original order entry, electronic proof of delivery, bills of lading, and invoicing and payment. Our customers can also drill down for details such as their total pallet purchases by week, month, quarter, location or type (e.g., Premium A versus A).
In addition, our customers and core vendors can track purchase dates, locations, the number of trailers, the number of pallets per load, how the pallets were graded, and ultimately how many were purchased by 48forty. We know our customers don’t have time to sift through reports or track down a bill of lading. PalTrax provides virtually any metric a customer needs, on demand. This digital “paper trail” offers our customers full transparency concerning their pallet purchases and sales.

Innovation Statement

Paltrax is a sophisticated and innovative tool for professionals that manage pallet procurement programs. In fact, we are proud to be the only pallet company that offers a fully integrated solution for our customers. Transparency with pallet transactions has become a priority in our business. Tracking and tracing our environmental impact and landfill waste reduction nationwide is another great benefit Paltrax has provided, which is something we are extremely proud of.


Paltrax can be used by any organization or industry that purchases and sells pallets in North America. In addition:
• Paltrax's mobile platform allows our customers to place pallet orders and view reports on the go, and also enables express orders with short lead times;
• Streamlined design puts information right at our customers’ fingertips, simplifying account management and making it easy to find the data they need;
• Innovative technology and advanced hardware reduces time our customers spend managing their accounts; and
• Paltrax is free for 48forty customers.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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