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"M2Smart" - Flexible Mobile Data Terminal by ACD

ACD-USA, Inc. (booth # 4285)

Summary of Innovation

Patented M2Smart is a new, modularly structured data terminal with attachable modules that can be easily connected or de-connected using an insert/slide mechanism. The device can create custom data collection solutions to address the specific problem that our client needs to address. Numerous interfaces are available, including RFID reader, distance and dimensional measurement, 1D/2D scanning, printing capability, camera, and surface/core temperature measurement that allows for easy data facts to integrate to WMS/ERP related to chain of custody. In addition, total customization is available if your process solution requires something different. Using the Android Industrial+ operating system, this modern user interface is very familiar to workers, making for quick and accurate utilization. Coupled with high quality German engineering and manufacturing, our supply chain manufacturing clients are confident in the security and efficiencies that M2Smart brings to their operations, unlike more standard devices made by unknown sources.

Since 1976, ACD Gruppe has been a leading manufacturer of innovative efficiency devices used in retail, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. Recognized by our long standing clients, who are among the most recognized brand names in the world, ACD was also honored to be awarded the "Top 100" Innovator award (top100.de) last year. M2Smart is simply one of many such ACD innovations of significance.

Innovation Statement

For the first time, management can offer a data capturing device that meets the needs of many different operational variants throughout the company. Durable, secure, and easy to use, M2Smart from ACD will create improved efficiency and more knowledgeable managers using data captured throughout your processes, due to our patented modular design.


To improve your company operations, M2Smart can be used to solve multiple operational difficulties, whether it is front of store, back of store, distribution center logistics, or chain of custody data, the modular construction allows efficient use of barcode scanner, RFID reader, temperature capture, molecular data capture, and other variants to be quickly integrated into WMS/ERP for rapid management.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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