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HC-Loop sorter

Material Handling Systems Inc. (MHS) (booth # 7646)

Summary of Innovation

MHS has drawn on its years of experience sorting the most challenging mix of products and packaging types in the most demanding operations to produce the HC-Loop sorter, a new cross-belt sorter designed for maximum precision and throughput in a minimal footprint.

With consumers demanding continually faster delivery, delivering on these promises means locating distribution centers near customers – urban centers, home of more scarce, expensive commercial real estate. This cost pressure pushes operations to maximize capacity while keeping throughput to a minimum.

The HC-Loop sorter accomplishes this with an innovative automatic centering center that precisely locates items in the middle of the conveyor surface for consistent divert accuracy. These precise diverts in turn allow the sorter to use narrower diverts, thereby boosting capacity without a bloated footprint.

Innovation Statement

E-commerce volumes continue to grow and delivery expectations keep getting faster. To make fast deliveries consistently possible, supply chains are locating distribution centers closer to population centers to reduce travel time. However, high commercial real estate costs near urban centers mean space is at a premium. To protect profits, managers deploy technologies, strategies and workflows to pack as much throughput capability in as little square footage as possible.

The HC-Loop provides an innovative package to help operations meets these pressures head-on, packing more divert destinations into the same footprint to address both growing order volumes and space constraints. The sorter’s automatic centering mechanism ensures precise diverts every time, allowing the system to use narrower divert chutes located closer together, thus expanded sortation capacity in a more efficient footprint.

Combined with a carrying surface proven to handle the most challenging packaging types and a modular design for layout flexibility and fast startup, the HC-Loop offers a package tailored to meet the demands of contemporary e-commerce.


For operations facing e-commerce challenges like massive, diverse order volumes, the HC-Loop sorter offers an efficient solution to keep orders flowing and meet strict delivery deadlines, handling everything from flats and bubble mailers to bagged items and corrugate cases. By using the HC-Loop, operations can handle the wide range of products at the speed required by today’s commerce, all in an efficient footprint.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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