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EnSol ActiveFrost™ Battery

Ensol (booth # 9432)

Summary of Innovation

Lithium cells of EnSol ActiveFrost™ battery are insulated and heated from inside. Unlike other lithium batteries, EnSol ActiveFrost™ can operate and even be charged in the freezer at temperatures as low as -22? with no negative effect on battery performance or lifetime.
The high-performance of the battery was validated through computer thermal simulation modeling. Over 3 days, EnSol’s powerful computers modeled how low temperatures would propagate through the structure of the battery to ensure that cells stay within required temperatures in all modes of operation.

Innovation Statement

EnSol ActiveFrost™ battery delivers no-maintenance high-performance advantages of lithium batteries in freezers. Unlike other conventional batteries, EnSol ActiveFrost™ Battery maintains its performance and lifetime in a low-temperature environment.


EnSol ActiveFrost™ is an innovative solution for the food handling industry, specifically designed to work in cold storage warehouses.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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