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NORDOCK (booth # 8828a)

Summary of Innovation

No other dock leveling system fully and effectively seals all 4 sides of the doorway at all times, while eliminating trailer end load issues. NORDOCK®’s TELESCOPING-LIP™ is a major breakthrough in loading dock technology for cold storage facilities and the only energy efficient alternative to vertical storing levelers. Installed in a pit behind the dock door, NORDOCK®’s exclusive Horizontal TELESCOPING-LIP™ (TLH) design is the ultimate solution for maintaining internal temperature by sealing all 4 sides of the door opening, preventing air flow, protecting against outside containments, eliminating end load issues forever and enabling maximum vehicle loads. Unlike rotating lip designs, the TLH is the only existing horizontal storing leveler equipped with a telescoping lip that can be positioned with pin point accuracy and infinite end load access. This allows for safer loading and prevention of product and forklift damage. The TLH design allows for cross traffic and close by staging, for a safer and less costly cold storage alternative. The TELESCOPING-LIP™ comes with a lifetime warranty on the lip hinge, is a stronger structure and requires less maintenance then the conventional hinged lip dock leveler. The TELESCOPING-LIP™ dock leveler fully retracts so the insulated dock doors can store against the pit floor.

NORDOCK®’s TLH model has elevated dock leveler design to a whole new level with the latest additional innovative solution. A massive majority of almost all existing warehouses currently have a perpetual sealing problem they cannot solve: simply because:

1. Most dock positions are currently using Pit Style levelers that are unable to effectively seal the 4th side of the dock door.
2. Endusers will remain in the same facility for another 20 plus years, without the ability to relocate
3. Endusers do not want to spend an outrageous amount of money and downtime on concrete work for creating new pits.

NORDOCK® HAS THE CREATED A SOLUTION! Introducing our revolutionary 8’ long Horizontal TELESCOPING-LIP™ TLH design that is able to fit in new and existing dock pits, eliminating all end load issues forever, sealing all 4 sides of the dock door and requires NO concrete work.

Innovation Statement

NORDOCK® is the only company in North America to use telescoping-lip advantages, the only dock leveler with a complete four-sided BUMPER-TO-BUMPER™ pit seal creating a full perimeter seal of the dock doorway, which allows for maximum environmental control and true cold chain integrity. The TLH holds to design eliminates daylight, infiltration of outside contaminants, energy loss, unsafe end loading scenarios/cargo damage/ stuck-truck, helps to ensure end loading is simpler, safer, more efficient, is stronger and requires less maintenance than the conventional hinged lip


The TELECOPING-LIP™ advantage eliminates all end load issues forever, seals all 4 sides of loading dock door openings, includes the best structural warranties and is available for new and existing pits.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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