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NORDOCK (booth # 8828a)

Summary of Innovation

One of the most demanding issues surrounding the loading dock industry is discovering a superior seal/shelter that fits around all sides of the trailer and seals all gaps at the loading dock. Having gaps at the loading dock will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year and can also let in outside containments, resulting in product destruction, failing warehouse inspections, and creating an unproductive and unsafe work environment for employees.

NORDOCK® has discovered the only true solution! Introducing the most complete, highly effective dock shelter solution at the loading dock. The ULTIMA™ FF-RS9 FOAMFRAME™ shelter is loaded with patented design advantages including the RAINSTOP™ trailer top wiper seal with XT-1000 EXTREME wear face that stops driving wind and rain, snow or ice, from entering the loading dock area. TERMINATOR™ Velcro attached vertical gap-seal with additional wear face that wraps around the ends of swing out trailer doors to block air & insect infiltration at the hinge gap and TOUGH-SPLIT™ gussets that relieve the stress and extend the life of the head curtain. Additional Bumper Covers are used to help enclose the lower corner dock gaps.

Innovation Statement

The ULTIMA™ Series full access dock shelter provides the ultimate BLACKOUT™ effect to protect personnel and cargo while loading and off loading trailers. Our innovative fully patented exclusive advantages create the safest environment, protects all property by diverting water, ice and snow away from the dock seal, delivers the most secure automatic closure of the hinge gap left by swing out trailer doors, and uses the industry’s most exclusive XT-1000 EXTREME fabric wear pleat; which substantially extends its life by providing relief from the tearing action.


NORDOCK® has created a solution that solves all sealing problems, exceeds safety standards, energy conservation, maintains temperatures, protects products from outside contaminants/inclement weather, and substantially reduces costs while maximizing security at the loading dock.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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