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NORDOCK (booth # 8828a)

Summary of Innovation

The SMART-HOOK® AR-20K is the world’s most advanced automatic vehicle restraint designed to secure virtually all trucks at the loading dock by using a large rotating hook to engage a trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG). The AR-20K offers trouble free operation, long-term reliability and increases loading dock safety with its exclusive POWER-SAFE™ 24-hour battery reserve system. The IMPACT-GUARD™ front carriage reinforcement protects your investment from damage caused by incoming trailers and the NO-PINCH™ Auxiliary Lock System captures obstructed rear impact guards without allowing them to pinch.

The AR-20K provides the highest level of safety in the vehicle restraint industry. With maximum mounting force exceeding 100,000 pounds, AR-20K restraints are capable of holding the heaviest trucks while the locking hook secures virtually all rear impact guards in excess of 32,000 pounds of restraining force. The patented Direct Drive System and Advanced Waterproof Hook Sensor replace moving parts that will fail in competing products. Eliminating these parts substantially reduces maintenance and downtime resulting in a lower cost of ownership. NORDOCK® has continued to evolve the SMART-HOOK® vehicle restraints to meet all the changes and challenges in the industry, by offering patented innovative new options to help maximize safety at your loading dock.

Innovation Statement

The AR-20K offers the most enhanced, patented loading dock safety and performance features in the industry with it’s NO-PINCH™ Auxiliary Lock System, securing virtually all trailers with obstructed rear impact guard obstructions and stopping the hook from pinching when released. The best in class IMPACT-GUARD™ increases front carriage strength by over 10 TIMES competing designs. The POWER-SAFE™ battery reserve system supplies auto-recharging battery power to the restraint and communication lights for over 24 hours allowing you to stay safe, engaged, and in control at all times.


The SMART-HOOK® AR-20K vehicle restraint system is the only restraint system equipped with a battery reserve back-up in case of a power outage, built with a reinforced nose for impacting a trailers impact guard, built with no pinch design to capture obstructed rear impact guards while releasing with no pinch and captures virtually all types of rear impact guards, with the lowest lifetime cost to own design.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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