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XYZ Robotics Piece Picking Station

XYZ Robotics (booth # 9400)

Summary of Innovation

XYZ Robotics Picking Station’s picking efficiency can reach worldwide highest of 900 pieces/hour. It consists of our perception system, innovative tool switching, and advanced motion planning. The perception system automatically identifies novel SKU pick points without prior model registration, including cosmetics, consumer electronics, and medical goods in various shapes and materials. The patented adaptive quick tool switching in 0.6 seconds broadens the range a single workstation can handle. The placement algorithm enables a robot arm to place gently and strategically with the picking efficiency reduced by less than 10%.

Innovation Statement

Patented adaptive switching of suction cups or grippers based on the SKU geometry and material property, broadening the range a single workstation can handle.
The back-end placement algorithm lowers the SKU from 2cm above the placement point to gently and strategically place an item.


XYZ Robotics Piece Picking Station can work with RGV/AGV in any ASRS system in the supply chain, logistics, and E-commerce industry.


Posted Date 12/20/19
Contact Peter Yu
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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