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Inspekto Ltd (booth # 4080)

Summary of Innovation

The INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first autonomous machine vision system, replacing traditional machine vision and manual inspection with a completely new product category. Before the S70, manufacturers had to hire an external systems integrator to develop and build a hard-engineered vision solution over several months. In contrast, a plant’s own personnel can install an S70 in 30-45 minutes, for less than a tenth of the cost. It is suitable for any manufacturer in any tier or geography, to inspect any product on any line. The S70 means machine vision inspection can be brought into locations where it was unfeasible before due to cost or wait time.

The S70 increases productivity by moving staff from menial QA tasks to productive roles. One facility we visited was spending €100,000 per month on staff performing manual QA, while waiting for development of a hard-engineered solution. Two S70s solved the issue, saving €1,180,560 per year. Because of the S70’s affordability and integrator-less deployment, it enables visual QA at every stage on the line. This prevents wasted energy on defective products and prevents faulty products being shipped to customers. It also enables root cause analysis and line optimisation to improve productivity and yield.

Innovation Statement

The INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first and only stand-alone, plug and play product for visual quality inspection ? it can be installed in 30-45 minutes, without an external systems integrator or any expertise.
The system’s artificial intelligence engines mean it is self-setting, self-learning, self-adjusting — it can adjust its own lighting settings, requires only good samples to set up and can inspect multiple products from one location, none of which was possible before.


Inspekto has developed exactly what the market needs, giving the manufacturer absolute independence over quality assurance, by offering an easy to install, cost effective system that improves productivity and saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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