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AccuPick 3D

Solomon Technology Corporation (booth # 8458)

Summary of Innovation

AccuPick 3D is an AI-based robotic bin picking system that empowers intelligent material handling solutions for manufacturing and intra-logistics industries. A gold honoree of 2019 Vision System Designs Innovator Award, AccuPick 3D has been deployed by numerous multinational companies worldwide, including Siemens, YKK, Pfizer, Mergon, DB Schenker, TATA. Designed with an open platform in mind, AccuPick 3D is hardware agnostic and works with different 3D scanning technologies (Stereo Vision, Time-of-Flight, Laser, Structured Light), more than twenty robot brands, and major PLCs - offering users the flexibility to choose the most suitable hardware according to their budgets and technical requirements for their applications. The software has a GUI that is both intuitive and flexible so users can easily build a wide variety of 3D robotic applications.
Synthesizing state-of-the-art neural networks from several fields, AccuPick 3D stands apart from other bin picking systems in its ability to recognize and locate a broad range of objects in complex settings. In contrast, the mainstream solution relies on precise matching of an object’s CAD file against its 3D point clouds generated from a 3D scanner, which not only limits the applicability to objects with a CAD file but also makes the system dependent on acquiring images using expensive 3D scanning technologies. In addition to its superior recognition capability, AccuPick 3D’s motion planning analysis prevents robot from collision when it reaches down and picks any object randomly positioned in a bin. In intra-logistics applications, where the number of SKUs handled in fulfillment centers is very high, AccuPick 3D is capable of piece picking objects without having any pre-acquired data or visual information of the items, including difficult scenarios such as segmenting identical items placed side by side with no visible gap in between. At the 2020 Modex in Atlanta, we are going to show (at one of our demo stations) a highly intelligent piece picking system equipped with a unique, patent pending gripper that has been designed picking different SKUs in different ways based on the visual information acquired from 3D scanners.

Innovation Statement

Shaping the future of material handling with intelligent vision systems.


AccuPick 3D’s AI-based bin picking system enables intelligent and flexible material handling commonly found in factories and intralogistics fulfillment centers, including large and small metal or plastic parts, irregular shaped items, transparent objects, carton de-palletizations, postal parcel of unknown shapes and sizes, and picking unknown consumer items for e-commerce and retail industries.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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