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RFID 3D Asset Locator

T&W Operations Inc. (booth # 2106)

Summary of Innovation

T&W Operations has not only designed hardware and software capable of providing 100% inventory accuracy with unbelievable reductions in manpower required to provide this level of accuracy, but we have patented the process to provide 3D Asset Location of any tagged item in inventory.

Innovation Statement

While RFID Inventory management has been in existence for years, the ability to rapidly and accurately perform inventory cycle counts with extreme accuracy is a game changer. One client has documented 100% accurate inventory count with a reduction from the traditional method of cycle or inventory counting of 2280 hours down to just 16 hours. Coupled with the ability to rapidly identify location of assets and if necessary utilize T&W Operations Geiger Counter software to find assets and efficiencies are being realized that up to know were only dreamed of.


Any situation where assets need to be inventoried or accounted for. We have fielded systems in warehousing environments , Law Enforcement Evidence rooms, and several other applacations.


Posted Date 12/19/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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