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Learning Insights

Siena Analytics (booth # 910)

Summary of Innovation

Siena Analytics state of the art, vendor agnostic AI platform captures, stores and analyzes images of packages traveling at high speeds on sorters and provides data-driven insights that enable you to identify systemic issues on each tunnel, reduce maintenance downtime, and optimize operations workflow.
The real value of our solution is the ability to pull out information specific to business needs. Learning Insights uses AI to intelligently extract features and create a virtual inventory that helps companies better manage vendor compliance and effectively execute a Digital Transformation strategy.

Innovation Statement

Learning Insights captures and stores all your real time logistics automation sensor data, labels images to identify specific attributes, trains complex Computer Vision algorithms, and deploys sophisticated AI models in production sites. Through analytical dashboards, the results from the models provide deep insights on real time package data, helping your team identify and solve issues faster.


Logistics operations generate large volumes of data every minute and it is impossible to achieve enterprise level visibility of operations through manual analysis of the data. Our solution efficiently captures, stores and analyzes huge volumes of real time data and provides actionable insights using dashboards, which help your team gain complete visibility of logistics operations at the enterprise level and get to the root cause of the issues faster.


Posted Date 12/19/19
Contact Pamela Gianetti
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Category Best New Innovation

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