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Next Era Fulfillment Operating System

GreyOrange (booth # 12012)

Summary of Innovation

The Next Era Fulfillment Operating System driven by GreyMatter™ is the only solution on the market that integrates software and robots built together to improve order fulfillment throughput, scale, accuracy and economics. The Operating System optimizes fulfillment for companies with omnichannel and e-commerce needs and increases store efficiency by packing replenishment orders according to individual store layouts and preferences. It orchestrates data and actions across the GreyOrange Ranger™ series of mobile robots, which use machine learning to adjust decisions and behavior based on real-time observations. Maximum-life engineering ensures every Ranger robot delivers ‘last and learn’ value. Communication among the robots and the GreyMatter central system incorporates that learning so the entire system continues to get smarter.

The robots are:
• Ranger GTP (formerly Butler) – Goods-to-person mobile robots that transport inventory from 220 to 3,500 pounds to workers for picking and packing;
• Ranger Mobile Sorter (formerly Flexo) – Mobile sortation robots that operate in fleets to efficiently and fluidly move parcels from receiving through dispatch to avoid sortation bottlenecks that can occur with rigid systems, especially during periods of peak volumes;
• Ranger Picking (formerly PickPal) – A picking robot designed to work in tandem with goods-to-person robots to either assist humans with picking orders or to pick orders autonomously in manned or unmanned warehouses.

GreyMatter orchestrates how the Ranger robots navigate across a distribution center, working autonomously or alongside people, to ensure the right inventory is at the right place at the right time to fulfill the decisions made in priority order, even during times of peak pace and volume.

Innovation Statement

The Next Era Fulfillment Operating System uses GreyMatter intelligence incorporated as a learning layer in the Ranger robots so that as they operate, they adapt to what happens both within the distribution center and externally as order patterns and fulfillment expectations fluctuate. The robots communicate with each other and with the GreyMatter central system so it can continuously recalculate order fulfillment priorities and inventory movement patterns based on real-time factors such as order fulfillment commitments, actual fulfillment speeds, available resources and time remaining in dispatch windows.


Today’s customers expect to receive their order almost immediately. Meeting this modern fulfillment demand requires a modern solution – one that uses software and robots built together and leveraging the same intelligence to deliver on promises to customers.


Posted Date 12/19/19
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