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Vecna Robotics (booth # 9807)

Summary of Innovation

Pivot.al is the world’s first AI-based orchestration agent designed to optimize business operations and production floor workflow in the material handling industry. Pivot.al coordinates and assigns tasks in real-time based on resource capability, location, and availability to help enterprise organizations navigate the challenges associated with coordinating human and robot productivity.

The current industry approach to automation is to manage the efforts of individual robots. Pivot.al breaks this paradigm by taking a big-picture approach to coordinating humans, robots and other AI resources together as a fleet or team, helping operators improve long-term productivity and capitalizing on the strengths of each asset. Providing data-driven insights at this fleet and workflow level, Pivot.aI enables a continuous improvement cycle over time to optimize freight capacity, increase warehouse capacity and help eliminate waste.

Innovation Statement

Instead of focusing narrowly on the status of individual robots, Pivot.al focuses on completing a large-scale goal in the most efficient way possible by using all available resources, people, robots, manual driven vehicles etc. Automation and manual processes were previously distinct. Pivot.al allows these tools to be used together in the best way possible.

Pivot.aI is an agnostic software solution which takes global production floor resources into account, including but not limited to humans, manual trucks, other AI-based systems, and Vecna Robotics’ automated material handling equipment.


The material handling and logistics industry is complex. Implementing a collaborative multi-agent workflow is critical to remaining agile, future-proofing supply chains and ultimately building a long-term competitive edge.


Posted Date 12/19/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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