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Berkshire Grey Enterprise-scale Robotic Picking

Berkshire Grey Inc.

Summary of Innovation

Berkshire Grey has invented the software and hardware necessary to deliver reliable, enterprise-scale autonomous robotic picking for omni-channel fulfillment applications. This core technology is built into a portfolio of complete solutions for eCommerce fulfillment, store replenishment, micro fulfillment centers, and parcel sortation.

Robotic each picking is now a reality in production distribution environments where the picking is integrated into order selection processes that do not require any human intervention. Furthermore, the robotic picking is provided in pre-built equipment sets that customers can deploy immediately to interface with AS/RS, conveyor handling systems, and even manual tote storage applications. Berkshire Grey’s fast reliable autonomous picking is used by Fortune 100 retailers and logistics providers in production facilities today. It is enterprise scale and ready to deliver value right now in any fulfillment operation.

Innovation Statement

This is the robotic picking you’ve envisioned, but never actually experienced before.

Berkshire Grey combines computer vision, first-in-class gripping, a battery or sensors, and industrial robots with software built on a foundation of machine learning in order to pick the broadest assortment of products, packaging materials, and form factors at speed with incredible precision.

The machine learning capabilities ensure the systems can pick eaches and items they have never seen before, will not produce phantom picks or miss picks, and that exception handling does not shut down the workflow or hamper overall throughput.

The picking technology is delivered to customers as complete pre-built solutions that incorporate the appropriate conveyance and WMS software integration necessary to plug into both the physical and digital environments of each customer.
Tens of thousands of picks per day in multi-shift continuous operations are running today at Berkshire Grey customer sites to solve the challenge of labor availability via robotic picking that delivers actual ROI.


This innovative use of intelligent robotics is applicable to eCommerce fulfillment, store replenishment, parcel sortation, and micro fulfillment center operations that process apparel, toys, food, health and beauty products, office supplies, and general merchandise for enterprises who want to lower costs and improve productivity. Berkshire Grey provides enterprise-scale robotic picking solutions that retail and logistics customers rely on to get work done - not science experiments.


Posted Date 12/18/19
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