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GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell power for electric forklifts

Plug Power Inc.

Summary of Innovation

Plug Power’s innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology (GenDrive) is powering forklifts and AGVs for the largest manufacturing and distribution companies around the world, such as Amazon, Walmart, and BMW, to name a few. Supply chains have always been expected to perform at a record-fast pace and do so flawlessly. Now, with an increased focus on sustainability, executives are looking for new, creative ways to align their sustainability and efficiency goals. More than 1.33 million forklifts were sold in 2017, 60% of those are driven by electric power (supplied either through battery-electric or hydrogen fuel cells). Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cells have unique benefits for supply chains, as FCV (fuel cell vehicle) forklifts can be refueled in 2-3 minutes, saving workers up to 15-20 minutes per fueling. The recaptured time by a GenDrive fuel cell, in a 100 lift truck fleet, operating three shifts a day for 360 days, represents over 23,400 hours each year that can be put back into the business through a more productive workforce. Plug Power’s proprietary data and analytics embedded in the fuel cells also enable preventative maintenance to save companies money and ensure all forklifts are up and running when they need it most.

Innovation Statement

Plug Power’s GenDrive team is revolutionizing the entire supply chain and will continue to engineer the ideal green solution as advanced technology, such as IoT devices like drones and robots, proliferate in commercial manufacturing and distribution centers. From production facilities, to middle (distribution), and last mile delivery, hydrogen fuel cells are equipped to power the smallest and largest electrical-devices throughout every step of logistics operations.


Stakeholders in the supply chain and logistics industries—whether big or small—seeking to increase their overall productivity, lower their operational costs, while recapturing much needed facility space, and eliminating or reducing electricity charges will see incredible benefits by adopting Plug Power’s GenDrive solutions.


Posted Date 12/18/19
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