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High Bay Pallet Lift Module for Robotic Autonomous Mobile Robot

AutoGuide Mobile Robots (booth # 3403)

Summary of Innovation

The High Bay Pallet Lift Module has been developed as the newest option for AutoGuide’s Configurable Modular Robotic Autonomous Mobile Robot. This product is based on the combining and redesigning of many traditional material handling systems into a common base with its drive motor/sensor/steering features and a series of modular attachments that allow the user to obtain the most economical capital efficiencies. No longer does a user need to purchase complete systems for differing operational modes (lift-truck, tugger, high bay pallet lift-truck). The common base can be reconfigured in short order to remove one modular attachment and mate the base with a different mode modular attachment.

This Module can reach 36 feet and can shift its forks side to side and can tilt the forks to accommodate pallets on racks. The module also uses state of the art pallet and rack detection algorithms utilizing onboard sensors to accurately and safely pick and place pallets in racking or on the ground. This Patent Pending concept is a novel addition to the material handling marketplace. The use of modular attachments enables volume production which drives down costs, shortens lead-times, improves reliability due to product maturity. Customers can evaluate new attachment designs without great expenses.

Innovation Statement

The High Bay Lift Module has been developed as the newest option for the MAX N10 Configurable Modular Robotic Autonomous Mobile Robot. This allows a common base unit to be applied to multiple material handling tasks by using the appropriate modular attachment, thus reducing overall costs.


MODEX attendees can explore the specific modular attachments for their own company’s requirements and have cost savings over purchasing multiple complete material handling systems.


Posted Date 12/17/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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