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Werma Signaltechnik (booth # 5994)

Summary of Innovation

SmartMONITOR for manufacturing organisations:
By wirelessly networking stack lights WERMA offers a simple yet effective cost effective and easy to retro-fit alternative to traditional machine data collection systems. The system delivers quick and uncomplicated relevant data on machines, equipment and manual work-stations at just the touch of a button. Reaction time to issues can be reduced, the manufacturing process optimized and the user will no longer be unaware of downtime and disruptions. All the activities monitored are detailed in easy-to-produce reports which can contribute to lasting improvement measures to the processes being made.

Innovation Statement

SmartMONITOR is a ready-made solution that make Industry 4.0 Digitisation and Networking tangible, accessible and ready for implementation in practice.


Our wireless, innovative process-optimisation systems for industry, production and shipping logistics are the first in the world to network machines, manual workstations or FIFO racks via radio communication.


Posted Date 12/17/19
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Category Best IT Innovation

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