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ProSort 1100 Sliding Shoe Sorter

Hytrol (booth # 6605)

Summary of Innovation

The ProSort 1100 is a positive divert sorter developed to accommodate lightweight and small products shipped to stores and to end users. This maintenance-friendly sorter allows for sortation of envelopes, small electronics, poly-bags and more.

The new breakaway shoe design allows for positive diverting while offering run-through-jam-condition functionality, minimizing the possibility of sorter crashes in the event of packages binding while leaving the sorter. The cleanout design also prevents crashes by preventing debris and package protrusions from causing the slats to bind.

Innovation Statement

Patent-pending slats are designed to clean out debris and have an anti-fall-through rib that prevents product from falling into the sorter, while shoe assemblies are designed with a shear-pin to prevent sorter crashes.


The ProSort 1100 is designed for users who need to sort smaller products at high rates without risking crashing or requiring shutdown in the event of a jam condition which means more uptime and less space between products.


Posted Date 12/16/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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