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EZLogic® OS

Hytrol (booth # 6605)

Summary of Innovation

EZLogic® OS is a platform built on intuition. The software allows users to access the full feature range of EZLogic 4.0, providing capabilities to change settings with ease, assign inputs and outputs, and retrieve diagnostic data.
The EZLogic OS interface provides easy-to-read headings, drop-down menus, and buttons which make the task of changing settings more user-friendly. EZLogic OS is also available for smartphones or tablets to give you the convenience of connectivity via Bluetooth technology.

Innovation Statement

EZLogic® OS is a new platform that gives the user simplicity for changing parameters within the new EZLogic 4.0 accumulation system.


The EZLogic® OS platform allows the user to easily and quickly configure product handling systems through an intuitive interface that offers enhanced functionality, peer-to-peer communication, and data transfer.


Posted Date 12/16/19
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Category Best IT Innovation

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