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EZLogicĀ® 4.0

Hytrol (booth # 6605)

Summary of Innovation

The new generation of EZLogic distributed controllers are now enhanced with an industrial fieldbus network and the ability to interface with several industrial protocols such as: Profibus-DP; CANopen; Modbus-TCP, EthernetIP, ProfiNET, Powerlink, EtherCAT and Sercos. The new fieldbus network will allow an engineering controls team interconnect additional digital input/output devices along with the EZLogic 4.0 network on single cable to configure large systems.
Using EZLogic 4.0, conveyor zones can be operated in stand-alone mode or under PLC control/monitoring mode, keeping the flexibility to replace zone controllers with no need to reconfigure or reschedule communications after swapping the controller modules. New controllers operate with 27 Vdc on an independent power line, keeping conveyor traction power lines isolated from the controls voltage to comply with design safety requirements.

Innovation Statement

EZLogic 4.0 is a real distribution control system with the power of an industrial fieldbus network system all in one product. It is a technical option to reduce installation cost, configuration and commissioning times, to make projects more efficient. EZLogic 4.0 enables remote diagnostic and analytic capability while maintaining the simple configuration of each zone of accumulation through EZLogic OS.


For very large control designs that requires large quantities of digital sensors, actuators and zone controllers along the conveyor system, there is no other brand that offers the flexibility of a built-in fieldbus network into the zone controller's communications single communications cable, reducing installation and operations costs.


Posted Date 12/16/19
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