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Photoneo s.r.o. (booth # 4376)

Summary of Innovation

The MotionCam-3D is the highest resolution and highest accuracy area-based 3D camera in the world for consistent scanning in rapid motion. Based on Photoneo’s patented technology called “Parallel Structured Light”, implemented by a custom CMOS image sensor, the Camera is able to capture objects moving as fast as 40 m/s and shoot at up to 20 FPS. The system processes ~15M 3D points per second, providing sub-millimeter precision. Thanks to ambient light suppression, the technology works also in challenging light conditions, with no motion blur. With Photoneo’s novel approach, multiple Cameras can be used to capture a moving scene from different viewpoints and create its complete 3D reconstruction.

Innovation Statement

The “Parallel Structured Light” technology is revolutionary because it enables the MotionCam-3D to capture moving scenes with the highest resolution and highest accuracy among the existing products. The novelty resides in the fact that the camera can capture multiple images of structured light in parallel rather than sequentially, in that it projects one pattern and captures one image but can get multiple virtual images from it, each illuminated by a different light pattern.


The MotionCam-3D is a great solution for applications in logistics, particularly for dimensions measurement, volume measurement, bounding box estimation, deformation detection, counting and sorting. Besides logistics, the camera can be used in all robot-handling applications where 3D vision is needed (from bin picking in general manufacturing, automotive, food, mining and wood industry, to handling of smaller and sensitive objects in palletizing, de-palletizing and machine tending applications, quality control, metrology and ultimately a 100% inspection, autonomous delivery systems, objects sorting, efficient non-destructive harvesting and safety systems).


Posted Date 12/13/19
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