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PINC AIR (Aerial Inventory Robots)

PINC (booth # 8281)

Summary of Innovation

According to industry experts, there are two well-known primary forces driving investments in technology in the supply chain and logistics industry: Customer demands and workforce shortage. More recent challenges, such as the national warehouse vacancy rate hovering at record lows and warehouses bloated with inventory pulled in from China during 2019 to get ahead of impending tariffs, have emerged, creating an even more demanding environment. For these reasons, proper inventory management—accompanied by the ability to move inventory throughout the supply chain at a high velocity and lower cost—has become a must-have in today's business climate.

PINC's inventory robotics solution is called PINC AIR, Aerial Inventory Robot™. The robotics solution allows companies, large and small, to apply autonomous drone technology, coupled with computer vision technology, artificial intelligence, sensors, and cloud computing, to significantly improve accuracy, speed, and safety of collecting warehouse inventory levels.

Innovation Statement

PINC AIR collects and processes inventory information inside of warehouses one hundred times faster than humans can do. To launch PINC AIR is a simple three-click process through a cloud-application. Once launched, the drone flies autonomously, captures inventory data, processes the data onboard, and sends it to the cloud without any human interaction. Once the data is in the cloud, then the application automatically compares the inventory scanned data with what's available in the warehouse management system (WMS) or any other system of record, providing a final reconciliation report to the user. The system also provides visual data of the inventory scanned.


PINC AIR automates inventory checks and improves accuracy, speed, and safety of collecting warehouse inventory levels using industrial-grade autonomous drones and enabling companies to move inventory as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible throughout the supply chain.


Posted Date 12/09/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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