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BlueBotics ANT® lite+

BlueBotics SA (booth # 8270)

Summary of Innovation

ANT® lite+ is the flagship product in BlueBotics’ portfolio of Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT®) solutions. This compact ‘natural feature’ navigation solution is designed to be integrated seamlessly into AGVs, automated forklifts and mobile robots. Almost 2,000 ANT® driven vehicles are in operation globally today.
ANT® lite+ provides both vehicle localization and navigation (motion control). It uses a combination of data from a vehicle’s existing safety sensors and odometry to calculate the position of a vehicle and control its trajectory, driving the vehicle along predefined virtual paths with a docking precision of ±1 cm (0.4 in). The ANT® system also includes ANT lab® software (for vehicle configuration, mapping, route planning and system integration) and ANT server software, which offers vehicle owners full mission and fleet management functionality.

Innovation Statement

ANT® lite+’s combined vehicle localization and navigation technology, based on BlueBotics’ unique feature-matching technology, makes it the only AGV and forklift automation solution capable of achieving robust docking and pick-up precision of ±1 cm (0.4 in) time and time again, no matter how complex or dynamic the environment.


MODEX visitors and exhibitors demand consistent, durable accuracy from their automated vehicle technology.


Posted Date 12/09/19
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