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iBOS - Intelligent Battery Organizing System

Philadelphia Scientific LLC (booth # 7329)

Summary of Innovation

We've improved our web interface and reporting mechanisms to integrate with the latest Charger-Splitter and Battery Tracker iBOS modules to give battery room operators and managers, a more comprehensive overview of their battery room data. With increased accuracy and validation tools, the data generated from both the Charger-Splitter and Battery Tracker modules bolsters the already comprehensive data received from the iBOS. With the introduction of the helpful tooltips and clearer graphs within the UI, the operators and managers are able to make clear asset purchase decisions with confidence and introduce procedures that help to reduce both capital costs and the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the battery.

Innovation Statement

The delivery of this new battery performance data and the opportunities that the data can give is a breakthrough innovation, helping to create a more synergistic and comprehensive view of the performance and efficiency of the battery room and material handling.


Helps to reduce the total cost of ownership for stored energy by giving more comprehensive data from which to make key decisions.


Posted Date 10/10/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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