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The Cross Tray Sorter

EuroSort Inc. (booth # 6823)

Summary of Innovation

EuroSort (Owings Mills, MD), a leader in innovative sortation solutions, has developed the Cross-Tray Sorter, an industry disruptive technology that solves the shortcomings of other high-speed unit sorters for non-conveyable, fragile, and lightweight items. With a sortable range of product from 2” x 0.5”x 0.5” (tube of chapstick) up to 15”x 23”x 16” (outbound carton) the Cross Tray Sorter eliminates the term "non-sortable" and does so rates of up to 9,600 items/hour.

Innovation Statement

The EuroSort Cross-Tray Sorter is based on the mantra “If it fits, it sorts”. Utilizing a patent pending, mechanically driven, two-sided discharge, with active walls forming a “pocket” in the tray, the Cross-Tray Sorter builds on the basic principle of a traditional cross-belt sorter while drastically improving the function and performance. The mechanical discharge decreases complexity, cost, energy usage, and footprint, while the “pocket” in the tray allows for increased accuracy and a larger range of sortable products including round and cylindrical items.


The Cross-Tray Sorter is for companies that have too broad of a product range for traditional sorter technologies, and who require a technology that can gently and effectively handle their entire inventory including fragile, non-conveyable, round or cylindrical items without damage.


Posted Date 10/02/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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