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Posted by EZTurner (booth # B4016)

Summary of Innovation

Inexpensive, manual load and pallet turner and pallet exchanger. Turn loads in less than 30 seconds, easy to move around, no motors, comes in different models or customize to your needs. Exchange old or broken pallets easily with new ones. Using the weight of the load and gravity to turn the load. Low maintenance, saves your back from manual lifting and hand stacking.

Innovation Statement

The EZturner is a patented, manual load and pallet turner that can also be used to easily exchange broken or contaminated pallets with new ones. It is great for industries like food, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, packaging and printing, where ever loads, buckets, sacks, etc. are now being turned manually by hand.


Easy to use manual load and pallet turner will increase productivity and reduce the risk of back injuries in industries that rely on manually turning loads, buckets, bags, etc. by hand.


Posted Date 1/12/18
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Category Best New Innovation

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