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CARRYMATiC - no touch materials movement

Posted by J-tec Industries, Inc. (booth # B3477)

Summary of Innovation

Summary of Innovation:
J-tec Industries has developed an industry 4.0 solution called CARRYMATiC. This automated material transfer system consists of smart carts, smart line transfer stations, a vehicle Interface module (VIM) and proprietary supervisor software. The carts are pulled in a train by a manned tugger vehicle (manual mode) or unmanned AGV (auto mode) throughout facilities, moving cargo automatically on and off of carts and stations at the line. It is truly a “hands-free,” ergonomic and safe operation for loading or unloading materials in manufacturing and warehousing facilities.
Currently, with manual tugger systems, tugger operators or line personnel must physically transfer loads from a transport train to the line and return empties to the train. Though some systems incorporate impressive ergonomic features to ease that process, (Mother/Daughter solutions, for instance, which only require operators to roll cargo to and from a train at each desired destination), these CARRYMATiC carts and stations utilize powered rollers to move cargo on and off the train. The cargo is never handled by humans during the transfers.
In CARRYMATiC’s manual mode, a tugger operator simply drives a pre-determined route with a train of carts and uses the touchscreen on the CARRYMATiC VIM to control transfers of materials at appropriate locations. In this mode, the tugger operator never has to leave the tugger vehicle during delivery or pick-up. Highly visible stack lights on each cart and at each station indicate cart/station alignment and material transfer activity. All of these deliveries are pre-arranged through J-tec’s proprietary supervisor software as it communicates with the VIM. In complete auto mode, using AGV’s or mobile robots, no operator is needed. CARRYMATiC Software and hardware can be integrated at multiple levels of operations depending on the specific needs of the customer.
This innovative CARRYMATiC system eliminates common ergonomic safety risks associated with repetitive push-pull activities. It also ensures accurate and timely deliveries of parts and materials to appropriate locations, on schedule, maximizing productivity and efficiently utilizing lineside space.

Innovation Statement

Innovation Statement:
CARRYMATiC is innovative in many profound aspects, including:
• All components of this system are connected via Wi-Fi and managed with proprietary supervisor software.
• Customers can use any existing tugger vehicle in their fleet to pull CARRYMATiC carts, eliminating proprietary expenses for specialized tuggers.
• CARRYMATiC uses a highly-visible stack-light system for in-route safety alerts and to align and confirm proper positioning of materials when transferring them from cart to station and vice-versa.
• CARRYMATiC has a route-planning software module to coordinate loading and unloading at each station.
• CARRYMATiC has an innovative IIOT/PLC architecture (Industrial Internet of Things/ Programmable Logic Controller) which allows for integration of the system at multiple levels, depending on customer needs.


Today, companies require safe and lean operations which deliver optimal productivity and dependable schedules. The CARRYMATiC system delivers, literally. This solution allows any company to move materials more efficiently. It eliminates many known safety risks and can be introduced into facility layouts easily. It tracks material flow more accurately than traditional bulk drops, ultimately lowering inventory costs and redelivery rates. Many companies are requiring that fork trucks be removed from operating in high foot-traffic areas, improving safety. The CARRYMATiC system eliminates the need for fork trucks to deliver, remove or transfer materials from a train or trailer to lineside stations. Automated delivery will lead the material movement industry for years to come. CARRYMATiC is ready to assume a leading role in that movement.


Posted Date 1/11/18
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