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Posted by Caljan Rite-Hite (booth # B1647)

Summary of Innovation

EXPRESS Snoot, developed for use with Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors, is an articulating belt conveyor that has a unique pivoting function. It can move in all directions; vertically between +15° and -25°and from side to side through angles of ±25°. The high-grip belt ensures parcels remain on the inclined/declined conveyor. EXPRESS Snoot can be lowered below floor level, so it can be used to load/unload vehicles of any size.

EXPRESS Snoot is always right alongside the operator, so parcels can be transferred to the conveyor belt with short, ergonomic movements. The conveyor can be nudged into place by a hip, shoulder, knee or elbow. Walking is reduced to an absolute minimum and the operator is able to use both hands to load/unload. Sensors stop movement if an obstruction is encountered. A locking mechanism keeps the conveyor securely in place between movement.

Innovation Statement

EXPRESS Snoot makes it easier to load and unload vehicles of any size. Moving in all directions, EXPRESS Snoot is always alongside the operator. Parcels are eased onto the conveyor belt with short, ergonomic movements. Parcels can be placed at height which utilizes the whole of the vehicle - giving savings on transport costs. EXPESS Snoot can be lowered below floor level to reach vans and similar small vehicles.


The person unloading/loading trucks & containers can easily reach all parcels at all levels. Almost no effort is required, which means productivity is increased without compromising on employee welfare. Vehicles of ANY size can be loaded or unloaded through standard dock doors.


Posted Date 12/13/17
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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