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Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc.

Booth #6419

With more than 1100 warehouse and loading dock safety products in our arsenal, Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ products help saves lives, prevent injury and minimize damage and downtime.

At Ideal Warehouse Innovations, we help create safer workplaces around the world. We do this by sourcing, designing and/or manufacturing a comprehensive array of industrial workplace safety products and making them available through trusted global sales and distribution partners.

Our role is to provide products and equipment to warehouse and manufacturing facilities that make them safer places to work.

We’re Protecting Your People.

We’re here to help in all these areas:
• Loading Dock Safety
• Area Protection
• Signs, Lighting
• Collision avoidance
• Environmental Control Systems
• Parking Zone Safety

Learn more about all our products at idealwarehouse.com

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White Paper: Trailer Stands 100,000lbs. of Prevention
Protecting your People (and trailers, and forklifts, and cargo, and dock area...): Loading dock safety starts with the desire to deliver a safe workplace for all employees. Using a trailer stand that is easy to deploy and gives strong, wide support delivers a safer loading dock for all.


6419 Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc.
6419 Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc.

IWI Trailer Stands Category Overview
Ideal Warehouse Innovations' family of strong, 100,000 lb. rated trailer stands offer a range of easy to deploy, ergonomic and accident-preventing solutions. Engineered for strength, they protect trailers, cargo, forklifts, drivers and dock workers! Positioned under a trailers nose, our trailer stands offer strong support for the stresses of loading and offloading.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc.
1 Royal Gate Blvd.
Unit I
Vaughan, ON L4L 8Z7

Phone: (866)828-6737
Fax: (844)899-0088