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WiBotic Inc.

Booth #C2548

WiBotic autonomous power solutions enable automatic charging of mobile robots and AGVs across a wide range of applications - keeping those vehicles in service longer, and eliminating labor costs associated with battery swapping. Because charging occurs through the air, common failures associated with contact-based charging systems are also avoided.

WiBotic technology can be used to fully recharge robots at the end of a work shift or as an Opportunity Charging system - adding energy to robot batteries as they briefly pause at any location throughout the facility. Further, charging parameters (current and voltage) are dynamically configurable based on robot scheduling. Charge your batteries fast when robots need to return to service ASAP - or more slowly when possible to improve the overall lifespan of expensive batteries!

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WiBotic Inc.
4545 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 400
Fluke Hall, Box 352141
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: 650-265-7987

Matt Carlson
VP of Business Development