From No-Bot to Co-Bot: How low-cost pallet handling robots make it easy to get in the automation game

SponsorVecna Robotics
DateTuesday, March 29, 2022
Time10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
LocationTheater H

What You Will Learn

The events of the last two years have accelerated the need to drive automation across every area of the industrial sector, especially the production floor. The largest companies in the world are scrambling to catch up to the double whammy of an explosion in demand and skilled labor shortages by adopting autonomous pallet-handling solutions like AMRs and AGVs for large-scale applications. Meanwhile, small and medium enterprises have been left out of the automation game.
Until now, self-driving forklifts have required upfront capital, fixed infrastructure and long deployment cycles, while offering limited use cases. These elements have made it difficult for small shops – and even some corners of large shops – to adopt automation.
But, what if you could deploy autonomous, intelligent pallet-handling robots in your industrial space like you would a robotic vacuum in your home? What if those robots were adept at “in-between handling” like opportunistic pallet moves, trash removal and short hauls? What if cost were no longer a barrier to driving out non-value added tasks so workers could stay focused on more important things?
The democratization of pallet-handling robots has arrived. Join Vecna Robotics and Big Joe for an in-depth session that will reveal how low-cost, easy-to-deploy AMRs can improve productivity for small shops and the hidden corners of large warehouses where no automation has gone before. Learn how simple connected devices can work alongside human workers to reduce costs and improve throughput while addressing previously-ignored workflows in operations, both big and small.

Key Takeaways

• Low-cost and easy-to-deploy robotic forklifts are now a reality for opportunistic material handling and Small and Medium Enterprises
• In-between handling can amount to major efficiency gains for operations big and small
• A connected IIoT approach to automation reduces install times, increases throughput, and extends staff


Craig Malloy Vecna Robotics
Bill Pedriana Big Joe Forklifts

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